How to Enhance Customer Experience with Omni-Channel Support

customer journey with omni-channel customer support

We’ve all been on the receiving end of bad customer support. You’re bounced from operator to agent to operator and back only to find out you’ve reached the wrong department and, oh, you’ll have to explain the issue again. That frustration quickly evolves into a negative perception of the company, and your next move is likely out the door.

A whopping 82% of customers have stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service, and two-thirds list it as a reason for churning. It’s often not the agent’s fault the interaction went badly. In the age of customer experience, customer expectations are rising and companies don’t have processes in place to meet them. Traditionally, multi-channel customer support has been the response, but today’s customer ecosystem calls for an emphasis on the “customer journey”—a vague term that tends to raise eyebrows outside support circles.

Customers want personalized experiences with companies, which calls for a whole new way of selling and supporting. The latest development is omni-channel customer support—a modern, customer-centric approach to customer service. That may sound silly and meta, but bear with us.

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Designing Surveys That Deliver: 5 Ways to Get Better Results

survey design that gets results

When we talk about building good surveys, the conversation tends to revolve around questions, delivery, and timing. Should I ask open-ended or closed-ended questions? Should I embed surveys in emails or link out to them? How long should I wait to send a CSAT survey after a case is a closed?

These questions are important—they can make or break a survey. But just as important are the visuals. Survey design sends a succinct message about the brand at the very moment consumers are asked to evaluate it, yet it’s regularly disregarded, resulting in lower response rates and poor brand perception.

Below we explain why survey design is so important and how you can improve yours.

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4 Ways to Improve Survey Response Rates


ways to improve survey response rates

Surveys help you understand your customers, refine your products, and improve your business. So when you take the time to design and distribute an important survey, it’s frustrating when response trickle in slowly.

So how can you improve online survey response rates and get the most out of your data?

There are many reasons your survey response rate may be lower than you’d like, but taking a second look at the survey’s design, deliverability (via email), relevance, and accessibility across devices can shed some light on what’s missing.

Below we examine how these four elements can be fine-tuned to improve online survey response rates.

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