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Why Your Customer Feedback Needs to Live in Salesforce

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Customer feedback is extremely valuable to any organization, and customer surveys are the most effective way to get it. A well-designed survey gives customers a clear channel to communicate their wants, needs, and expectations.

But if you want to get the most out of that feedback, it needs to be highly accessible to the people impacting your customer experience every day: your team. Housing customer feedback in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is the easiest way to centralize and leverage survey data.

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5 Email Subject Line Strategies to Boost Survey Response Rates

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Sending surveys by email is one of the most popular survey distribution methods today. However, email surveys must first overcome a major inbox hurdle: getting opened.

This is exactly why a strong survey email subject line is so important—without a compelling reason to open your email, your survey runs the risk of getting lost in your customers’ inboxes forever.

We’ve talked about some general strategies that can improve survey response rates, but today we want to look at one strategy in particular: better survey email subject lines.

Let’s take a look at five subject line strategies that set your survey up for success.

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6 Ways to Cut Customer Churn Rates

cut customer churn

1. Figure out why customers leave.

2. Encourage them to stay.

These are the two critical pieces (albeit, boiled down significantly) to the daunting puzzle commonly known as “customer churn.” When a customer cancels service, fails to renew, closes an account, or simply stops purchasing, these are all examples of churn at work.

Obviously no business wants this. But it happens. A lot. And while some churn is normal, studies suggest that the vast majority of customer churn is preventable, especially when companies focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

This post will explore the basics of customer churn, plus six great strategies to help you minimize it.

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